Kente College


All visitors to Adanwomase testify to the fact that, the community is tourist hassle free. This does not only show hospitality among the local people or our workers, but also quality services we provide to our customers.Tourists who want to to learn kente weaving for pleasure can come to Adanwomase and be caterd for. Several of our valued tourists have come and passsed out year after year since 2006. It is quite different sitting in the loom and peddling the legs. it gives much pleasure.

Participation in this program gives so many advantages over other tourists who just tour the country!!!!

  • Be a kente weaver and weave kente anywhere you may find yourself without help from anyone.
  • Get two sets of local tools for kente weaving to your home country.
  • Opportunity to tour many places in Ashanti Region including Bonwire, Ntonso, Ahwia, Pankrono and so many other tourists sites in the community of which many tourists pay hundreds of dollars to have access to.
  • Other tourists sites in Adanwomase include shrines, palace, forest, local cocoa farms and others. Accommodation for visitors with local families. foreigners who choose to stay with local families do not only get full knowledge of the Ghanaian culture, but are exposed to the friendly natural environment of Adanwomase.
  • During "Akwasidae" foreigners and visitors visit the Chief's palace to observe how traditional council of Adanwomase govern the town.
  • Foreigners and visitors, who wish to stay for shorter time, like less than a week are all welcome.

To participate in this program, please fill out the form below and pay registration fee of $25 for us to make an arrangement prior to your coming to Ghana or Adanwomase. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our FAQS.


No specific periods of the year have been set to receive foreigners or tourists who want to take part in this program. Our services are always on going and admissions are offered depending upon the readiness of learner and when she or he decides to report or start learning. Admission is confirmed after an applicant has paid registration fee. For more information, please contact us or visit our FAQs.

Global Institute of Kente Weaving believes that tourists to Ghana need to get more insigt into Ghanaian culture than just visit and tour.
We believe that tourists should be taught our cultural rich values as culture is learnt and studied. We believe that tourists to our community should be given more than what they pay for, that is our mission.
The institute is under proper management and things are well arranged and organised to meet the demands of our customers. It has the Director, secretary, advertising and internet relations officer, tour guides and qualified and very experienced 'Kente teachers' from Adanwomase and Bonwire